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Consulting for international business people
For international business people who want to get into contact or maintain established contacts with German business partners consulting is available: such as exploration, mediation or active consulting to obtain appropriate legal action. You will profit not only of the detailed knowledge of the German and Arabic language but also of our understanding of cultural differences, different needs and expectations on both sides.
These services are also offered in the Middle East for German merchants.

Personal care for business partners
This time the sales manager can’t take care of the important business partner from Dubai for health reasons. The factory tour could be taken over by the production manager. But who is there to show the high-ranking visitor around the town of Berlin? There the private assistant of ihpass is glad to help you out.
Optimum care for business guests is the credo of ihpass. We take on hours to days the role of the perfect host for your business partners, who visit the fascinating metropolis of Berlin. It’s the individual, exclusive and - above all – personal care that makes the difference to the mass processing by standardized city tour. A stop at the best places to enjoy the beautiful river Spree, a nice break in a café or restaurant, a trip to a nearby designer boutique, are part of the charm of our looking after guests.

Services for business travellers
All the ihpass – services of course are also available for the business travellers.